Vandring_Culture House Italo Calvino, Calderara di Reno 2021


















Vandring is a collective artwork made during 5 days. More than one hundred people have taken part in its realisation. The participants (children, teenagers, adults and fellow artists) had at their disposal the same tools as me. My role has an artist wasn't to show my work to a passive public, but to mediate, facilitate and merge the interventions of an active public.

Photos: Giorgia Tronconi & Manuel Portioli

Curated by Adiacenze

Support: Municipality of Bergen, Municipality of Calderara di Reno, Adiacenze, Culturara & Kronopios eventi.

Casa della Cultura Italo Calvino, Calderara di Reno, Italy 2021.

Vandring: time-lapse

The Promised Land_Kunstgarasjen, Bergen 2020


Guided tour to The Promised Land