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Unlimited (a step further)

Bella vista

The series plays with kitsch and icons, which from time to time are nothing more than synonyms, and with the baroque idea of spectacle. Spectacle, with its flamboyance, it's one of the best method to pursue the covering of a void. An hollow filled-up with emptiness and covered with a wonderful tromp-l'oeil summoning remote ideas and positive deeds. The idea of spectacle stands efficiently in the shape of an icon, which could be an over-sized Madonna or a well known picture of a landscape eventually become a “bella vista”.

Anything can become an empty symbol, thanks to the passing of time the sharp edges get knocked-off and things that use to be vessels of engaging meanings and great sentiments become either forgotten or shifted into the realm of pure visuality.

The pornography goes along with the concept of symbol (a symbol is an object that represents, stands for, or suggests an idea, visual image, belief, action, or material entity) for its own becoming a symbol. Pornography attacks the physical and psychological values of sex as efficiently as the church and other creeds do.

The symbol of sex is the pornography itself. To be clear, sex is becoming a spin-off of pornography not vice versa.

In a society where the “symbolic exchange” is subject to continuous fluctuations of trends, the referents come forth without their references, therefore the images come before their producers. If the smell of a cake resembles in our minds the shape and the qualities of the object that produces that peculiar odor, the cake, pornography among the youngest generations resemble the act of sex. With, all its pro and con.

The fuel of these paintings is the contrast between dying and growing icons.

The emerging and rising of pornography as a new myth is placed underneath the falling of the ancient ones.