Another fall

Cold Venus

God of the high places

“When we walk, we naturally go to the fields and woods: What would become of us, if we walked only in a garden or a mall?” Henry David Thoreau in The Atlantic in 1862.


God of the high places is a series of works that up to now includes some twenty paintings of various sizes and thirty watercolours. This ongoing group of works is the natural continuation of 404 Days of Rain. During 404 days of rain I was mostly concerned about a sincere narration through paintings of happenings and landscapes previously experienced and seen.

The element that mostly defines this group of paintings is a colourful palette and a clear figurative and unpretentious style. The use of figurative style was for me a great statement per se, it may be seen by many as backwards, anachronistic, but it offered me the great opportunity to see how the fictional representation of paintings has changed in the age of the digital technologies and as well it was for me, a painter, the most straightforward way to articulate emotions.

God of the high places was born as a result of my artist residency in Aurland, The series subjectively explores the connections between a clarifying walk/hike in the nature defined remedy to rumination by naturalistic philosophers and modern scientists and the archaic concept of sacredness of the high places (often the God of the Old Testament demanded the construction of altars/piles of stones on them). This love for “hiking” shared by archaic religions and modern thinkers, who are often against said religions has often fascinated me, but my Italian background, where the altars of the high places were quickly replaced by bell towers and nature is friendly to man, helped me maintaining a certain scepticism.

I decided then to “consecrate” my residency in Aurland to hike on the surrounding mountains for ten days. My impressions were recorded by pictures and watercolours.

These documentation is currently being re-elaborated into paintings. I finally rely on them the duty to explicit my thoughts, and feelings about long walks through high places.